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Is stone-ground flour healthier than rolled-milled flour? The 00 flour, is it really refined? Let's get this straight!

Juanuary 20, 2018

For years now, we have heard of stone-ground flour as if it was a healthy return to the past and the best pizza flour. Some stone-ground flour producers have demonized the 00 flour, to the point of calling it poison, in an attempt to profit on the negative impact these fake news have. Are these flours really dangerous? I must admit that at the beginning of the stone-ground flour trend, I had come to believe that this was the healthy option, and that the 00 flour was harmful because it was too "refined". At that point I didn’t know better and had believed these stories without researching and informing myself from serious sources.


the mother dough

Juanuary 30, 2018

The mother dough, commonly called natural yeast or pre ferment, is a mixture of flour and water that has been left to ferment with added sugar for a certain period: this process allows micro-organisms present in the flour, in the water and in the air to reproduce and ferment.